All inclusive spring packages – are they valid?

Packages for all spring breaks are usually a phrase that does not go together. Because price is the number one factor for most college students this spring, the all inclusive package is usually off limits … or is it?

Many college spring break students do not realize that a comprehensive outdoor spring package might cost them less when they put a pen to it. It really depends on each person or group and their specific activities when they are on their spring break.

If you plan to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at fast food restaurants, read no further. This type of group is sure to spend less with a package that doesn’t include all spring and a “basic package”. Personally, I would not recommend eating that much fat three times a day for five to seven days, but I understand that pinching dollars can be a problem with any student trip in the spring.

On the other hand, if you plan to eat very high kitchens on average, then this could be a package that includes all the extras. It really depends on a few things. Will it be fast food for breakfast and lunch and then a cozy meal at an average tall diner? If so, then it all depends on the price of each particular all inclusive package. If you plan on eating at least two meals on average to top restaurants, then I would suggest an all inclusive package.

Many all-inclusive spring travel trips include alcohol during your hotel stay. If you are a big drinker and the all inclusive package includes alcohol, in the long run it is almost a lot cheaper to choose the all inclusive option. Bahamas packages almost always have cheap all inclusive packages associated with them, many of which include alcohol. Bahamas cruises also have all inclusive alcohol deals on board and at the Bahamas hotel.

Choose your package carefully. Get as much information as you can. All-inclusive packages have put your mind at ease because you no longer have to worry about how much you will spend on the trip. Everything is paid in advance and you can simply relax and enjoy great food, drinks and activities. May spring break 2009 be your best spring break ever.